All that noise

Slack is great. Slack can also be awfully noisy. Some detest Slack apps like emojination because it adds to the noise – the endless barrage of notifications when your name is mentioned in the channel. The good news is that there is a pretty simple solution for this noise pollution.

First, if you find your team plays quite a few emojination games, it’s probably best to move to a dedicated channel, or at least a channel that is designated for “fun” versus the one that you’re using to plot your next move to take over the world.

Second, change the notifications for the channel.

  1. In the channel where you play emojination, click on the preferences icon and select “Notification preferences…”


  2. For desktop and mobile notifications select “Nothing” and click the “Done” button. (You can also mute the channel if you only want to see the channel as unread when your name is mentioned.)


Now you can play emojination and not lose your mind every time your name is mentioned in the channel because you scored some points by creating a winning game or are mentioned at the top of the leaderboard. Win-win. 🏆