Remote teams might have the water cooler but…

Remote teams have a lot of advantages. People can work together all around the world, not have to commute, capture more information naturally because of the nature of the setup, etc. One disadvantage of remote teams is the lack of connection you get when you’re in the same room together. In a number of contexts, as much as 90% of communication is nonverbal. Who knew mimes were onto something? Weird.

There are a lot of excellent tools to help remote teams stay in communication and connected better than ever these days. Slack is one of those tools that many remote teams have adopted and love for all sorts of reasons. Slack can even help serve as an asynchronous watercooler of sorts – a mix between a variety of social networks and live chat for a team.

Even with Slack, one part that can be missing on remote teams is team fun and bonding. If you’re all together, it can be fun to go out to lunch or do something outside of the office every so often to help build team camaraderie. Remote teams don’t have that luxury. Some teams will make an effort to get together every so often to make that connection, which is great, but the meetups can’t happen often enough. Enter emojination.

emojination is taking a great tool in Slack and making it a little more fun. The game doesn’t need to dominate a team’s time and attention. A team member┬ácan play when she gets a chance. It provides some laughs and friendly competition – elements that are critical to building strong teams, remote or otherwise.

If you’d like to give emojination a try with your team, it only takes a few clicks to start playing.

Add emojination to your Slack team