Information we collect and receive

We receive information about your Slack team, profile information, and the games and guesses that are posted via the /emojiplay slash command.

When games and guesses are saved, we store the text as well as the channel it was posted in and who created the game or guess.

How we use your information

All connections between emojination and Slack are made over valid secure connections.

We use information you provide to authenticate your team and deliver message content to and from you and your Slack team.

We don’t store the full messages or profiles sent from Slack, only the small sets of data we need in order to make emojination games playable.

We reserve the right to use emojination games and guesses to promote emojination, but will never use any other information about your or your Slack team to promote emojination. We also reserve the right to share emojination games and guesses with 3rd parties in order to support the on-going development and operations of emojination through revenue generating sponsorships.

Your choices

You can disconnect emojination from your Slack team at any time, which will render the games, guesses, and leaderboards submitted to emojination as inaccessible.

If you have any concerns at all, please contact us via email or at @emojinationgame on Twitter or Facebook.